Tour del Made in Italy

Seven days of pure adrenaline along scenic back-roads to the discovery of the great temples of Italian motor sport!

Ducati in Bologna, Ferrari in Maranello and Modena, Lamborghini in Sant’Agata Bolognese, epitomize the concentrated talent and Italian passion for both 2 and 4 wheels.

But in the land of the engines there you will also experience little gems like the private museum of the Panini family, which has one of the most complete collections in the world of Maserati cars or the Pagani Museum.

And, between one factory and the other you’ll get lost in the beautiful rolling hills of the Chianti Tuscan Region, you will challenge the Apennine passes, you will ride the back roads of Marche and Umbria, all the time riding with the throttle and our hearts wide open.

The Italian nightlife will certainly complete this fabulous tour. Staying in quaint little hotels, enjoying delicious food and the superb wine will make this trip memorable in so many ways! Yes…this is Italy!

Your extraordinary motorcycle tour starts and ends in the beautiful city of Rome.

Day 1 - Welcome to Rome

Day 2 - Rome to Siena (278 km / 173 miles)

Day 3 - Siena to Siena - Chanti Loop (157 km / 98 miles)

Day 4 - Siena to Modena (271 km / 168 miles) > Ferrari in Maranello

Day 5 - Modena to Modena - Factories Loop (74 km / 46 miles)

Day 6 - Modena to Ducati Museum to Riccione (317 km / 197 miles)

Day 7 - Riccione to Orvieto (264 km / 164 miles)

Day 8 - Orvieto to Rome (178 km / 110 miles)

Day 9 - Departure Day